Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The ever popular...comic strip

Created by Dirty Ferreira

Some more stuff

Here's my Jew page...Based on a lift my wicked talented friend Kristin posted.

My Cop0out of a superhero page for the Swap Whores Final Survivor Challenge

What a loser

My Losing entry to Primas much criticized Altered Wood contest. It is definately one of my favorite projects. Even though it's country-ish.

On the bandwagon...

Well after many of my fellow whores have decided to create their own blog and be Elsie worshipers I decided I might as well do the same. What will I put here? Who really knows, perhaps it will be random scrapbook layouts I do...or it might be ranting about Little League...I've never got a shortage of those rants. Anyways, stay tuned....