Sunday, February 17, 2008


You know how I know I'm an addict? Because I stood all day on a gimp foot that bled all in my shoe...just to scrap shop at

So here are the a horrid pic, but goodies none the less!

So much good stuff to be had there! Kristi and Sandy came down for the weekend...and we acted like fools. Kristi wore a flower headband. Sandy ate 4 burgers...and we practically got kicked out of a Claim I heart these whores and expect many a crazy pages to come...Beware of the large

Love to you girls and ha ha bitches to those who flaked (Chez) lol

Monday, February 11, 2008

Scrappin the music challenge

So I've wanted to try one of the challenges over at Scrapping the music ever since our own Jess got on the DT there! Yay for Jess!! The problem is I keep forgetting and man they go by so quickly! Yikes!! So this morning I'm home from my foot boo boo and I scan around my girls blogs just to see what I've been missing....and I made it over to where low and behold they have a wickedly awesome song as I'm listening I look up the lyrics. OMG when I came across the No, I wouldn't dare try to fix the twist in you I cracked up and thought omg thats so love ya girl but you're a freak! So here's my submission...Hope ya'll enjoy!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


OMG I did it! I finished my Stash diet and completed 50 Layouts. (Yeah Ok I admit's a Just in the knick of time too! Next weekend the girls are coming down and we are headed to the much anticipated Scrapbook Expo!!
I've been working hard on my 100 Random things about me post and hopefully can finish it up tomorrow. I'll also post some of my recent layouts.