Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Cupcakes Galore!

So here it is...the night before halloween. I've spent my evening baking cupcakes, decorating cupcakes, eating pizza from Papa Johns YUM! and watching The Great Pumpkin. What is it about Charlie Brown that says holidays to me?! Danny sat like a lump on a log...but Wil and I had a BLAST!

Some yummies for toppings..

A lot of "hard" work...

A TON of cupcakes...

All make for one very goofy and extremely happy boy!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh so much to share!

So it's been 10 days since my last post...yeah get over it..lol Look how long it took me to start blogging period!

Here we are at the pumpkin patch. It was soo smokey from all the So Cal fires so we had to make it quick!! I decided I didn't want to crave a pumpkin again this year since I always end up having to cut almost all if not all of Wil's lol and then Danny didn't want one if I wasn't getting one. Oh boys are so silly! I put these tiny pumpkins on Dannys arm on the way to the next destination and decided I really liked how cute they looked.

Next stop, was the bowling alley! Wil cried and cried because he didn't want to have bumpers on his lane. Then he proceeded to say they messed him up when the ball bounced all over the place. Apparently we need to take him bowling more often huh? lol The kids had fun. Here are some pictures of Nana & Savannah playing, Danny attempting to teach Wil to bowl (Oh scrappers...I'm finally going to use that BG Bowling paper ya'll said I would NEVER use..lol)

Last but not least we went to Johns Incredible Pizza where everyone goofed off as usual!

My Favorite Picture of the day...

That's it for now, maybe more to follow next week!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Why is everything a fight with a 10 YO Boy?! Grrrr...don't get me wrong I absolutely adore the little booger, but my patience is being tested today for sure. Some things I've learned being a mother....in no particular order

1. It's the best experience in the world!
2. It's also the worst experience in the world..lol
3. When you say something, mean it or it will come back to bite you in the butt!
4. Know that it's ok to not like your child at certain moments, but always LOVE them.
5. Always carry spare Jackets and clothing in your trunk.
6. Don't be afraid to say no.
7. You will be loved by your child more than anyone else.
8. You will be hated by your child more than anyone else.
9. It's hard, and it's always your fault (even when it isn't).
10. Obviously, your Mother was right about daymn near everything. Now that you're a Mother you have to be right too!
11. Even if you take the kid to the bathroom before the movie starts, you'll have to go at least one more time during the movie.
12. Stay strong, don't let your family influence the way you do things with your child.
13. Learn to watch lame shows like Spongebob, and sing the silly songs.
14. Become Ninja like, if you make too many noises the kid will wake up as soon as you do!
15. Be tough...it's ok...they will be better for it..lol

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Etsy Etsy Etsy

Yeah, I've spent ALL DAY making and listing on Etsy. Fun stuff! Ya'll should take a look! http://kellyfeldman.etsy.com/

Here's a small sneak peak!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Unpubbed Lift Challenge

I took this picture last night at my Neices 4th Birthday party. She loved her Hannah Montana guitar that we got her, but Wil loved it even more!! He kept trying to take a turn at it and was just obsessed with the whole thing..lol I tried and tried for pictures and then finally I was able to sneak this one!! What can I say...my son's a nerd..lol

Anyway, this was a lift from http://unpubbed.blogspot.com and I thought of it immediately this morning when I was getting ready to scrap. I've flipped the sketch a bit but really love the outcome! it's been awhile since I've had this much fun on a LO. Thanks for the inspiration girls!

Friday, October 12, 2007

One Little Word

Here's my take on the One Little Word Challenge. I had fun with it, whipped it out SUPER quick because I only had an hour eek! Used KI Memories Driven Line along with a lil help from Lil Davis ribbon and stickers.

I love this picture of Wil, swinging away...haven't found the right opportunity to use it until I saw the challenge today and instantly it came to mind! Thanks to http://onelittleword.typepad.com/ for the inspiration and Cathy for Introducing me to them.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Scrapmojo-Nobody Puts baby in a Corner

So here it is...the LO I completed for the first Scrapmojo challenge. I used product from DCWV Rockstar line, Fancy Pants Kewl, Thickers, Lil Davis, Ranger paints and a handmade felt embellishment. Thanks for looking! And everyone should go play along.

Oh Scrapbook retreat...How I wish you were here again...

So I've got 60000000 pictures of the girls..us acting like fools..hella deer on our back porch etc etc etc but instead I figured I'd show ya'll what I actually got accomplished. It's not much, but it's more than most..lol

A mini Clipboard, a Clothespin, a Recipe Box, a Grand Kids Book, a Trick or treat box, a 6x6 halloween box and a Little accordian file.

I had so much fun...the pictures don't show it all in it's entirety but you can always check back on Etsy in a few days and it will all be up!
Top 10 lines from the Retreat...
1. You know how I know you're gay?
2. You know how I know you're a jew?
3. I'm a german! I persecute the jews!
4. 10 MPH means 10 MPH
5. Everything that comes out of your mouth...
6. Amy Rode the Fence
7. Have you seen me?
8. Deer will kill you
9. Cathy never stops working
10. Do you need a nipple for that?
Next time all the whores better make it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

For Cathy...Cause she loves me so


Here are the Fours.....
Job's I've Had:
1. Insurance Sales
2. Accounting for an Insurance Broker
3. Office Manager/Accounting/Estimating/Everything
4. Mom?

Movies I Could Watch Over & Over:
1. Howard the Duck
2. Pulp Fiction...When you pulled into my drive did you see a sign that said dead nigga storage?
3. Field of Dreams..If you build it...
4. Silence of the Lambs...It puts the lotion in the basket...

TV Shows I Watch:
1. Greys Anatomy
2. House
3. Bones
4. Ugly Betty

Places I've Lived:
1. Rancho Cucamonga
2. Apple Valley
3. La Habra
4. Washington DC (for like 2 weeks..lol)

Favorite Foods:
1. Pizza
2. Tacos
3. Spagehtti
4. Cheeseburgers

Favorite Colors:
1. Black
2. White
3. Blue
4. Green

Places I'd Love to Be Now:
1. Scrap Retreat with my ho's
2. In my husbands arms
3. Alaska
4. On a cruise boat....bound for anywhere

Names I like but would not use for my children:
1. Name (I always wanted to change my name to Name when I was in HS)
2. Beavis
3. Grace (How could I have Wil and Grace and be considered serious?)
4. Joo Boo

Now I'm Tagging: No one, Cause that's how I roll

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is it time yet?

Almost....almost time. I'm so super excited to go on the Scrapbook retreat with my whores!!

Sandy's bringin my new phone cause she rocks like that....Cathy is comin from NJ because she loves big hair....Misty is coming in from Alabama because she's crazy like that..lol It'll be the first time I'm going to meet MJ that scrap snob to the extreme (and we wouldn't have her any other way!)

My "original" girls will be there...Kristi, Raquel, Jen-O who without whom I would likely be a horrid beginner scrapper who everyone on 2p's makes fun of. Oh wait, they make fun of everyone...lol Anyways, Yeah...so excited! I love these girls all so much they are my daytime family, keep me sane at work and keep me from Stabing people at Little League.

As you can see, I've undoubtably packed entirely too much stuff, but thats what I do!

One more day, I just have to pass one more day and then I'm off. Crazy to be wishing your Birthday would go faster, eh? I think that's it for now...Tonight is House and Bones yummy!!

P.S. I miss my hair today.....

Monday, October 1, 2007

Scraparazzi & Birthday...

So this week is so strange for me...My boy turning 10...and me turning 29! Yikes...it's scary to me..but only because of the stipulations the world put on turning 30,40,50,60. Oh the milestones... What would we do without them eh? The Birthday party turned out well enough, the fam all showed up which is always a plus right? Made out like a bandit with my new Nikon D40, some lounge clothes, candles, cash, gift cards, etc etc etc. Wil got a new bike, a tether ball pole, transformer, ipod, and so much more that I can't think of at this moment.

On to the LO...

For a Challenge on http://thescrapdragons.blogspot.com Cathy are you impressed? I did a linky link!

Some of my favorite all time Danny pictures. He's such a goober, my husband, pissy and grouchy half the time but wait...isn't that how men are? lol Here he goes from Grouchy to happy in no time flat! Used DCWV Rockstar Stack; Heidi Swapp Bling frames; Lil Davis Ribbon slides, round stickers, chipboard; Queen and Co Brads, Big Sequins, and anchors; American Crafts Ribbon, Ranger Paint daubber and a Transparency