Saturday, October 27, 2007

Oh so much to share!

So it's been 10 days since my last post...yeah get over Look how long it took me to start blogging period!

Here we are at the pumpkin patch. It was soo smokey from all the So Cal fires so we had to make it quick!! I decided I didn't want to crave a pumpkin again this year since I always end up having to cut almost all if not all of Wil's lol and then Danny didn't want one if I wasn't getting one. Oh boys are so silly! I put these tiny pumpkins on Dannys arm on the way to the next destination and decided I really liked how cute they looked.

Next stop, was the bowling alley! Wil cried and cried because he didn't want to have bumpers on his lane. Then he proceeded to say they messed him up when the ball bounced all over the place. Apparently we need to take him bowling more often huh? lol The kids had fun. Here are some pictures of Nana & Savannah playing, Danny attempting to teach Wil to bowl (Oh scrappers...I'm finally going to use that BG Bowling paper ya'll said I would NEVER

Last but not least we went to Johns Incredible Pizza where everyone goofed off as usual!

My Favorite Picture of the day...

That's it for now, maybe more to follow next week!!


  1. You know the ONLY reason you went bowling was because you needed to get rid of that paper, the guilt was getting to be too much LOL.

  2. I like seeing your pictures! I'll be back once I get our internet set up!!

  3. How fun! I loved looking at all of the pictures. Yay for using up some stuff.
    And thanks for the awesome SS I got the other day. It really made me happy with all of those bright colors!

  4. I agree with cathy. I have some bowling embies if you want rofl.