Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Method Playground-Glimmer Mist

Love the stuff...you know you do too!! I used it on this LO...

Oh...we Heart Rum Punch too lol

check out the challenge

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I have a headache...

Just some Layouts to share from last week...and an Update... I'm at 48 projects completed for the year. 315 projects and 348 Days to go to complete 365 in 365

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Can Chapstick Kill you?

Ok so this picture wasn't from today...but every blog needs a picture lol

Usually Wil is pretty quiet in the car. He keeps his thoughts to himself and stays in a twilight of sleepy awakeness that I like to call morning haze. I wonder most times what he's thinking of and sometimes he obliges with a tale or two.

This morning, he had a time waking up. I popped up at 5:29 AM 1 minute before the alarm officially went off and decided what the hay let's get up and shower anyways. Wil was still in bed when I was out and dressed at 6:09. Seeing as we have to leave at 6:30 I woke his little butt up. Opened the door and said....Good Morning Lazy Daisy...time to wake up! With a grunt and a groan he did as was told.

Fast forward to the truck...we get in and as I'm backing out he says "Mom....(yes?) Can Chapstick kill you?" Me taking it quite literal respond...sure it can...anything is possible. Thinking...if a toothbrush in prison can kill you surely a chapstick can, right?

He get's a little flustered and stutters "R.R...R...Really?" Sensing with my special 6th sense that only Mothers have I realized he was serious and that he had probably done something stupid with Chapstick. Seeing as he's an 11 year old boy I was hoping it wasn't anything so disgusting that I would have to return him home and involve his father in it. Because really, what do I know about BOY stuff? Ok I know some....lol

So I gently begin the quesitoning...Why are you asking? "Well because I was reading my chapstick" And..."and I was wondering if it would kill you" Dang this kid and his circle questioning tactics!

What happened to your chapstick? "Well nothing to this one" What happened to the Chapstick in question?..."well..." ...... Well? "Well, it was really good." What do you mean it was really good? Like it tasted good? "Yeah...it was like a Cupcake or Twinkee. And what did you do to it?..."I think I ate it"

You THINK you ate it?! (What the hell!) ..."Yeah it was really good" Why the heck would you eat a Chapstick!? "Cause it was good" (trying to refrain from laughing hysterically by this point..) You just ate it? "No, it was awhile ago.." Like last night? "No I was like 9 or something" Ok..."and well I was reading my chapstick this morning and it says not to eat it...will it kill me?"

Yeah, you have about 30 seconds to live...(yes I'm that mean lol) "What!? You're lying!" Yeah of course I'm lying, if it was going to kill you...you'd already be dead. Don't eat chapstick ya dingleberry. "Even if it's really good?" Even if it tastes like candy...it's not. "Ok"

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Minutes to Idol

Yeah, I'm an American Idol nerd. I just can't help it! So here I sit...half watching the Simpsons and counting the minutes until the boy wonder goes to bed.

Is it bad that I count the minutes? Nah, cmon people! Just because you're a Mother doesn't mean your life is over and your child should have every waking second of your life consumed by them. Bedtime is oh so glorious!! I don't know how SAHM's do it...

Anyway, I've been scrapping more and more and more... up to 37 projects for the year. Lots of lifts as of late! Been stalking Lisa Dickinson and Stephanie Howell's blogs lookin for lifts and posting them up at Scrapgal for all to share and be inspired by.

Blogger is being a booger right now so no pics for you!

Here's some links if you really MUST see some lo's



And this Non lift that I absolutely adore from today

And that my friends...is all she wrote (for tonight anyways!)

Oh one more thing...how thrilled am I to see Jess and Aja back blogging! Next thing you know those bizzies will be back chatting too!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

OMG a Blog!

Ok so I haven't been horribly bad as of late...but here are a few things I've been working on!

First up. The OLW entry.

Next is the Page Maps Sketch.

Some LO's I completed thus far in my 365 in 365 challenge

So far... I have done

18 12x12 lo's
2 mini books
3 scrapodex 4x6 cards
3 Altered Items
4 Cards
for a total of 30 projects completed

You can always check out what I've been doing here as well.