Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Minutes to Idol

Yeah, I'm an American Idol nerd. I just can't help it! So here I sit...half watching the Simpsons and counting the minutes until the boy wonder goes to bed.

Is it bad that I count the minutes? Nah, cmon people! Just because you're a Mother doesn't mean your life is over and your child should have every waking second of your life consumed by them. Bedtime is oh so glorious!! I don't know how SAHM's do it...

Anyway, I've been scrapping more and more and more... up to 37 projects for the year. Lots of lifts as of late! Been stalking Lisa Dickinson and Stephanie Howell's blogs lookin for lifts and posting them up at Scrapgal for all to share and be inspired by.

Blogger is being a booger right now so no pics for you!

Here's some links if you really MUST see some lo's



And this Non lift that I absolutely adore from today

And that my friends...is all she wrote (for tonight anyways!)

Oh one more thing...how thrilled am I to see Jess and Aja back blogging! Next thing you know those bizzies will be back chatting too!!