Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is how we do it..

Wil has been talking non stop about these pancakes...seriously lol He didn't see me making them and can't figure it out. I've seen people use cookie cutters and pancake molds but I just put the batter into a frosting bag and piped it onto the griddle in the letter/shape I wanted. I did a Star and heart for Wil and a Happy face and heart for Danny.

Yes, I call my husband Bun lol. It started as Hunny, then Hunny Bunny, then Bunny, and Bun for short.

When we were little, my Mom used to tell us she made us special brother got puppies and rockets..and I got kitties and flowers. Oddly enough, they all looked round? lol

I love weekend breakfast time with my's special..try it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Happy Monday!!

Had a nice relaxing weekend!!

Friday night we set out and had dinner at Viva Maria's. Quaint lil mexican place here in town. Their chips n salsa are the bomb! No really, they are!

Saturday morning we were up mid morning. I caught up on blogs and Facebook games, priorities people. The we set out to the mall to get some new, cheap, summer clothes for Wil since he is a weed. We picked up 5 t-shirts and 5 shorts (all men's sizes!!) from JC Penney. I also got a pair of cute capris, and Danny got 3 work shirts...for $147.00. What?! Yea, the t's were like $5 each and the shorts $10 each. SCORE! I wasn't super worried about quality or them lasting forever since he will also get new clothes for school in a month, just something for him to wear so it doesn't look like we are taking a homeless kid on

Also stopped at Costco for pictures and Bruno Food...Danny's shop for them to look at the truck (it's making noises again!! Ugh!) and some Carls Jr. for lunch. Finished the day off with some TV and a Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake that was delish!

Sunday I was up bright and early and made pancakes for my guys and threw some chocolate chips in mine...mmm. I made entirely too many but froze the leftovers in baggies for Wil to eat throughout the week. He has a new "way" to cook them...Microwave for 15 seconds...then cover in syrup and microwave for another 30 seconds. They are a soggy nasty mess, but he thinks then the syrup is "cooked in" gag.

I scrapped the rest of the day away...made 3 Mini albums and 3 Layouts! Wow! Can't share them just yet but I can tell you my hands were Peacock Blue at the end of the day lol

Hope you have a great Monday!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Friday!

Yes, it's been months. We are pretending it's otherwise!!

It's been an eventful Summer so far!! Wil made All Stars yet again and had a great time with his team.

They were a bunch of goofballs, they didn't win the tournament, but they had a great time doing it and I couldn't have asked for better parents to be chillin' with for 3 weeks.

I've gained a new blinkie...see above side bar! Sad to see so many girls not signing on for another DT term with Scrapgal but excited to see what the future holds there.

Planning a trip next month up to Idaho for a week to visit Danny's Grandparents and hope to have a ton of pictures to scrap. ROAD TRIP Baby!!

That's about it...looking forward to meeting my newest little Nephew Wyatt in a couple weeks and trying to wrap my mind around having an 8th!