Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is how we do it..

Wil has been talking non stop about these pancakes...seriously lol He didn't see me making them and can't figure it out. I've seen people use cookie cutters and pancake molds but I just put the batter into a frosting bag and piped it onto the griddle in the letter/shape I wanted. I did a Star and heart for Wil and a Happy face and heart for Danny.

Yes, I call my husband Bun lol. It started as Hunny, then Hunny Bunny, then Bunny, and Bun for short.

When we were little, my Mom used to tell us she made us special brother got puppies and rockets..and I got kitties and flowers. Oddly enough, they all looked round? lol

I love weekend breakfast time with my's special..try it!


  1. i never thought of putting it in a pastry bag, clever girl. of course, my "bun" is lucky to get oj in the morning.

  2. Fun Breakfast! We love fam weekend breakfast too! Pastry bag, great tip!

  3. omg you blogged! love those pancakes you are such a good mom :)