Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Friday!

Yes, it's been months. We are pretending it's otherwise!!

It's been an eventful Summer so far!! Wil made All Stars yet again and had a great time with his team.

They were a bunch of goofballs, they didn't win the tournament, but they had a great time doing it and I couldn't have asked for better parents to be chillin' with for 3 weeks.

I've gained a new blinkie...see above side bar! Sad to see so many girls not signing on for another DT term with Scrapgal but excited to see what the future holds there.

Planning a trip next month up to Idaho for a week to visit Danny's Grandparents and hope to have a ton of pictures to scrap. ROAD TRIP Baby!!

That's about it...looking forward to meeting my newest little Nephew Wyatt in a couple weeks and trying to wrap my mind around having an 8th!

1 comment:

  1. OMG Road Trip!!!! I can't wait to see you scrap it, bringing the Instax?! Are you going to stop in Utah (or is that even on the way)? I'm going to be jealous if you get to the ScrapGal store, lol.

    Dude will is super tall, wtf?! He needs to stop growing....