Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some Sunday Scrapping and a weekend update!

I'll get right into the Layouts lol

First up is the newest challenge over at Such fun colors and great inspiration! Glad I've finally tried one of their challenges!!

Next is the new Challenge. Kristi and the girls asked us to use the phrase "Oh no she didn't" When I was flipping through my pictures I stopped on this one and thought omg yes! I took this picture last Thanksgiving when my SIL ran my 9 month old neice to the toilet because she was "potty training" her. My heart broke for the poor little baby, who the hell potty trains that early!?! Luckily she stopped trying so hard and at least gave up until she was about 16 months. Aye...

My it's been a nice weekend! Saturday I started out the day bright and early shopping on the couch in my PJ's at Heather has some new stuff and 30% off the entire store! If that's not enough...also free shipping. Yeah I can't resist a

Then I went out to Sign Ups for Little League until 1 which was fun, I love it when everyone's in a good mood and we are able to poke fun at eachother.

Up next was some more some new clothes and jammies and a pair of hawaain themed bermudas for a luau fundraiser we were invited to. Made a pit stop with Mom to get a pedicure and a haircut and then onto home to get ready to go.

The Luau was fun! I had lots to drink and won a circular saw in one of the raffles. We raised some money for St. Judes and partied with friends, what could be better!!

Today I'm relaxing, scrapping and waiting for the boys to get home from helping out Danny's friend fix his motorcycle so he can sell it. Long story short, the poor guy has a wife and 3 kids...a few months back fell at work and shattered his hand/wrist/arm. He's got all these pins and rods sticking out of him and can't really do much with 1 hand. Disability doesn't come close to matching what he was making so he's selling things off to stay afloat. Stuff like that...scares the hell out of me!

Well, I'm off to try and finish something else up before my boys get home!!

Friday, August 8, 2008

It's Friday....we made it!

Well a week of waking up at 5:30 AM as opposed to our usual sometme between 7 and 7:45 AM has definately taken it's toll on us. This morning we drag assed our way out the door on time and did a little...OMG it's Friday Cheer before Wil got out of the truck.

My mornings at work are quiet...I can think and get some stuff done before the boys get in the office which is really really nice. One thing I look forward to everyday is my igoogle screen. These cute lil fellows greet me every morning and I sip my Starbucks while they sip theirs. I listen to any music I like while working away...I actually quite like it.
Here's Wil after I picked him up on the first day of school. They had a huge mix up with the buses and put him and 20 other kids on the wrong bus! DOH! Then they told us they didn't have time to look for our kids...nice I know....gotta love it. Anyways, I won't get to into that...or I might blow a gasket. He looks so little...and so big in this picture. *sigh*
MJ inspired me to have fun and get out and shoot something random, I don't recall how but I know I was talking to If I'm feeling a little down and needing a small break I take the back way into work when I'm coming back from lunch and I see something we don't see often up here...the trains. I don't know if they run all the time or if I just get lucky and hit them at lunch, but it reminds me of being a kid and sitting in the car counting the train cars as they go by with my brothers. So I decided it's time to stop and shoot it! I will spare you the 33 photos of this train I took and leave you with one random one that I like!
Last and certainly not least!! I finished this layout this week for the new Unpubbed lift. I haven't made my way over there lately but was very inspired by the current lift. You should check them out at
That's all for now....I'm waiting to find out what kind of car my Husband bought today....

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's 7:13 AM

And I'm at work. Already this morning I've made cinnamon rolls, did the dishes...and dropped Wil off at the bus stop for his first day of Middle School.

He looked so nervous..and I felt so scared for him. Not to mention the thought of how old it makes me that he's in MS...

He's going to be ok, right? Breathe in...breathe out..

At least I'm alone at work with my Starbucks, AOL radio on to the "adult Alternative" station and singing along loudly with Jewel at the moment.

Oh, and I scrapped some more last night...I'll post this afternoon if I can.

Here's hoping that I can make it through this Monday...

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Challenges & an Update

The new OLW challenge is "Be". I've used some of Wil's 5th Grade Promotion pictures and incorporated it in the title Be Proud. I can't believe he is starting 6th grade!! Check them out

His Middle School Orientation was on Friday poor lil guy looked so nervous and scared...a new school....a new group of kids. Luckily when we got there I met up with some baseball Mom's and he grouped up with the kids. There are only a few kids in his class that he knows but they've already got plans to meet before school and before lunch in a secret spot. All in all it went well, it looks like a fantastic school and I know a few of the administrators from LL. Who says Baseball doesn't pay off? lol

Next is the new Sketch up over at Gettin Sketchy. I gotta admit when I first saw the Sketch I thought omg no I can't put that many pictures on there....NO WAY! Then I started another LO and just "tried" to make it work. I absolutely love the outcome and it just goes to show you that you really can make any sketch/lift work for your liking. Get on over there and check it out for yourself!

This little Graduation pig was no joke the HIT of the day! My Mom brought it for Wil and when he opened it and it started walking around singing everyone loved it...Kids came over asking to have their picture taken with was The other pictures of the actual ceremony came out not so great so they worked really well as accents in this LO rather than the main event!

I love some of the old school elements in this LO like the glitter, the beads, OMG the bosher! Not to mention I've had those Newspaper flowers forever not quite knowing where and how to use them.

We've had a decent weekend so far. Yesterday Danny worked while I scrapped these 2 layouts. Wil was able to hang out with his friend and then just chill playing Video Games. His video games are very very limited during the school year so he lives it up while he can!

Last night we picked up some Papa Johns Pizza {Yummm} and headed over to Danny's Secretary's house for game night. I know what you're But let me explain...his secretary is a man, who's married to another it's all good. I was nervous as you people know I am not the most PC person out there...and after a few drinks my mouth starts flapping lol Well they were actually super cool and I adored them greatly! We are definately planning more game nights and events.

Oh did I mention I won?! lol In the end it came down to Danny and I. Danny who made a deal with me for free rent for life on his 2 monopolies in exchange for some very valuable properties to him. Yeah, he definately screwed himself there. In the end he had only those 2 Monopolies (The reds and the greens) and I had EVERYTHING else. He had no way to make money {Which was good as I had little} Anyways, yeah it was fun!

Today we are headed up to the Barstow Outlets, we are looking for school shoes for Wil. He's in an odd size 6 1/2 Mens. Because its so small hardly anyone carries it in stock so we are hoping to score a deal at the outlets. Which also means I get to stop at Coach, maybe Danny will buy me a prize too!!

Anyways, I'm off have a happy Sunday everyone!

Update: Came home and scrap, scrap scrapped!! Hey what can I say I was on an OMG I got a new Coach high. lol I'll post pics later of the new addition...for now here's another challenge. Bad picture, but I can't make Mother Nature turn back time just so I can photograph a LO now can I? The new :Sunshine: Challenge over at Check it out!