Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some Sunday Scrapping and a weekend update!

I'll get right into the Layouts lol

First up is the newest challenge over at Such fun colors and great inspiration! Glad I've finally tried one of their challenges!!

Next is the new Challenge. Kristi and the girls asked us to use the phrase "Oh no she didn't" When I was flipping through my pictures I stopped on this one and thought omg yes! I took this picture last Thanksgiving when my SIL ran my 9 month old neice to the toilet because she was "potty training" her. My heart broke for the poor little baby, who the hell potty trains that early!?! Luckily she stopped trying so hard and at least gave up until she was about 16 months. Aye...

My it's been a nice weekend! Saturday I started out the day bright and early shopping on the couch in my PJ's at Heather has some new stuff and 30% off the entire store! If that's not enough...also free shipping. Yeah I can't resist a

Then I went out to Sign Ups for Little League until 1 which was fun, I love it when everyone's in a good mood and we are able to poke fun at eachother.

Up next was some more some new clothes and jammies and a pair of hawaain themed bermudas for a luau fundraiser we were invited to. Made a pit stop with Mom to get a pedicure and a haircut and then onto home to get ready to go.

The Luau was fun! I had lots to drink and won a circular saw in one of the raffles. We raised some money for St. Judes and partied with friends, what could be better!!

Today I'm relaxing, scrapping and waiting for the boys to get home from helping out Danny's friend fix his motorcycle so he can sell it. Long story short, the poor guy has a wife and 3 kids...a few months back fell at work and shattered his hand/wrist/arm. He's got all these pins and rods sticking out of him and can't really do much with 1 hand. Disability doesn't come close to matching what he was making so he's selling things off to stay afloat. Stuff like that...scares the hell out of me!

Well, I'm off to try and finish something else up before my boys get home!!


  1. Potty training a 9mth old...freakin' hilarious!!! Lovin the layouts!

    Say It

  2. Love the colors,design, photo, and doodling of Michelle.

    Your Say It lo is so funny. Great design on that too.

    You've been incredibly busy. Glad you won something at the fund raiser. So sorry to hear about your friend. Hope things get better for him.

  3. blah blah blah

    just wanted to leave you a comment but didn't have anything good to say so....

    blah blah blah

  4. ummm omg, for real? she was trying to potty train a 9 month old? i know i dont have kids, but even i know better than that. bless the little baby. great LO, too, btw.