Monday, August 4, 2008

It's 7:13 AM

And I'm at work. Already this morning I've made cinnamon rolls, did the dishes...and dropped Wil off at the bus stop for his first day of Middle School.

He looked so nervous..and I felt so scared for him. Not to mention the thought of how old it makes me that he's in MS...

He's going to be ok, right? Breathe in...breathe out..

At least I'm alone at work with my Starbucks, AOL radio on to the "adult Alternative" station and singing along loudly with Jewel at the moment.

Oh, and I scrapped some more last night...I'll post this afternoon if I can.

Here's hoping that I can make it through this Monday...


  1. You probably made it through Monday in one piece. How did Wil's first day go? Hope everything went great. Can't wait to see the new pages!

  2. well we know you only sorta did......poor Wil