Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Lights & Ornaments

So here it is, inspired by Miss MJ's challenge to take some night shots of all the Christmas lights....our Home. Nope, nothing too fancy, but I love it just the same! it's hard to see, but the little wreath above the garage, the snowglobe and of course my rope lights hehe. It's nice to drive up at night and see your house all light up! In fact even tonight as I ventured out in the 30 Degree cold in my jammies and Robe, the boys headed out there with me! We stood out there for a few minutes..taking it all in...Wil shaking the fence I was trying to steady myself Danny giving me instructions on where to take the next picture. I love everything about Christmas!!

And next...the Tree, Oh Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree....I cleared out most of the presents and packed them all away ready to go to their respective receivers house. We've spent many a Decembers evening laying on the couch...Danny watching the TV...Wil and I watching the

And last but certainly not least!! Some of my favorite ornaments!! Christmas is such a special time of the year for us...6 years ago we were married (12-22-01) Every year since then I've gotten Danny an ornament for our tree, and everywhere we go on vacation I make it a special point to get an ornament for our tree. Here are a few of my favs!

Say What!?!

Yeah, I admit it...I love being the one who's always Politically can always count on me to spout off about Spanish being on my Shampoo bottle or having to press 1 for English. Oh you name it...I likely bitch about it! I completed the LO for Scrapdragons Are you Guilty Challenge! Check it out and enter too!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A month?

Has it really been a month?! OMG well here I am. I've been busy busy yanno, the holidays. I have most of my Christmas Shopping done and wrapped most everything already too!

Last night was the first night of Hanukkah, Wil called his Grandpa and asked about it...why we celebrate etc. Yesterday when I picked him up from school I told him we were lighting the candles and stuff and he I get a present?! And I said...sure if you can tell me why we celebrate. Sure enough, he couldn't. You know, I do this for him so he can learn his heritage...learn where he came from and make his own decision when the time comes. If he's learning nothing but..."I get a present" then it's not worth it.

He searched and he searched for his books and couldn't find them so he finally broke down and called Papa to ask. After a satisfactory explaination of it he said the prayer...lit the candles...and opened his present. (A beanie with a bill on it) In the nights to come he will get a craft menorah...make your own dreidel...stuff like that. We've got the chocolate coins all ready for the dreidel game and no...I'm so not making matzo ball