Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Is it time yet?

Almost....almost time. I'm so super excited to go on the Scrapbook retreat with my whores!!

Sandy's bringin my new phone cause she rocks like that....Cathy is comin from NJ because she loves big hair....Misty is coming in from Alabama because she's crazy like that..lol It'll be the first time I'm going to meet MJ that scrap snob to the extreme (and we wouldn't have her any other way!)

My "original" girls will be there...Kristi, Raquel, Jen-O who without whom I would likely be a horrid beginner scrapper who everyone on 2p's makes fun of. Oh wait, they make fun of everyone...lol Anyways, Yeah...so excited! I love these girls all so much they are my daytime family, keep me sane at work and keep me from Stabing people at Little League.

As you can see, I've undoubtably packed entirely too much stuff, but thats what I do!

One more day, I just have to pass one more day and then I'm off. Crazy to be wishing your Birthday would go faster, eh? I think that's it for now...Tonight is House and Bones yummy!!

P.S. I miss my hair today.....


  1. That's a lot of hair to cut off ... it's not BIG at all so I don't love it LOL. I think you forgot a couple of primas, some more stamps, and some other stuff, I'm not sure but I think you didn't pack enough.

  2. OMG...Kelly Blogged! I'm looking forward to meeting you and the rest of the girls too. I'm not bringing that much stuff. I know it wouldn't be fair to the rest of my car buddies.

  3. Sounds like fun...I wish Iwas going somewhere to scrap.

  4. you've been tagged check my blog