Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm not foolin'!

Nope, I'm not!! Yesterday was HAPPY MAIL DAY at my house!!

We were rushing because Wil informed me that he has practice at 4PM (yet somehow everyone else showed up at 5..hmmm) As I turned into the driveway I saw it...2 packages waiting for me at my front door. There they were sitting there so sweetly..lol I got a quick peek while Wil was getting dressed and when I got home I laid it all out to stare at it and cherish it. What is it about new scrap stuff that just makes you want to caress it? hehehe

First up is the prize pak from Method Playground How much do I LOVE the new Teresa collins lines!!

Next is the order I placed last week with Everything Scrappn I can't wait to dig into all these goodies and get to scrapping!!

If you haven't already checked it out head on over to Say it in Scrap There are some exciting things about to happen!! I'll give you a sneak peek soon!!

Happy April Fools to you all, be on the lookout for those jokesters.

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