Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Weekend Update

Chad, Cesar, Kristi, Kelly, Danny, David

We headed up to Big Bear Lake for the was sooo super cold at Oktoberfest but we had a blast anyways. There were lame games...little swap meet type booths and some carnival games to play. I think Danny is the only one who actually had a beer lol.

Danny and a Cracnk Yankers puppet cop.

Kristi, Fuck Puppy, and weirdo Security Dude who thought she was 16. Say Jailbait!

Me and my new bff. Kristi made me go into the petting zoo...where I fed a pig with a bottle. We felt a little bit like Clairce on The Silence of the Lambs when the guy pulled the pigs by the leashes and they squealed super loud. And I honestly thought the pig was going to attack me and eat my hand off. lol

See no evil, Speak no evil, Hear no evil.

We walked around the Village and shopped a little. I got an ornament, we got candy and a yummy caramel apple. It rained/snowed. And we took lots and lots of Puppy pics...which will be scrapped and posted soon!

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  1. Good times SWSM. I really needed this weekend so glad everything worked out. I had a super fun time.