Sunday, November 4, 2007

A 2 for 1! OLW and Unpubbed

Gotta love Daylight Savings time, I wake up at 7:30 Every monring...rain or shine...weekend or weekday. I wish I could help it but I can't! So this morning I woke up and look at my clock (Which has changed itself mind you!) and I see it's 6:13 ICK! Go back to sleep!! So I roll around in the bed for awhile trying to go back to sleep with no luck. 6:39 I decide to give up and just wake up! I check email, myspace, any blog comments?? Then I think ok ok I'll scrap...lemme see what challenges are out there! I stop by my usual haunts, not feeling the ScrapDragons challenge....SO not feeling the Mojo Challenge...scrapjacked LO isn't quite "me"...and then I get to Oooh I'm inspired...I throw some pictures and paper together, and since my scraproom is a disaster zone at the moment I take it out to the Family room!

The pictures are laid out...I'm pretty satisfied so far but ack what can I make the title?! I decide to take a break and make some blueberry muffins while I think...mmmm muffins. Yeah I've got nothing! It was a silly nothing of a picture really...I just thought the kids looked cute leaving the pizza place..Rachel with her giant boquet of balloons.

Ok I give up, maybe Kristi is awake by now...nope! So I check out some more challenge blogs when I see the newest OLW Challenge Delight. OMG perfect!! So here ya have it...a 2 for 1-er. Perhaps if I have time I'll create another LO for both (lol) Happy Daylight Savings time!


  1. Super cute! I adore that story. Love the photos, the title and all of the fun stitching. And the best part is that you did two challenges in one lo. Woohoo!

  2. I soooo cannot believe you have blogged so much and did a challenge LO. God damn! lol I love love the cupcake paper.

  3. Oh man, that is awesome, I love it!!!!!

  4. great LO! Love that cupcake paper.

    :) Chrissy

  5. Oh, I just LOVE your page!!!! And so cool that you did two challenges in one!!!

    And, yes, I love daylight savings also. I SO needed that extra hour on Sunday morning!

  6. I love that cupcake paper, too cute I am now off to do mine tonight ... I'm such a last minute kinda person lol.