Friday, November 9, 2007

Scrapdragons and 7/10 UIU

Yay I finished a LO tonight! I was inspired by Scrap Dragons pick 2 challenge that's currently up over there at When I saw the Whipped cream in the fridge I immediately thought of my Nephew Jack! He was over for My/Wil's birthday last month. He begged and begged for another cupcake, when his Mom and Dad finally gave in he attacked the cupcake like a starving man on death row. He went right for the frosting and when he was done with it he looked at me and said "It's empty" as if I was going to 'refill' it lol naturally I ran for my camera before wiping the little bugger up. I'll try for better pictures tomorrow.


  1. This is great!!
    Super fun LO!


  2. That is a priceless story! So glad you got the camera out. I love everything about this lo! SO glad you're going so quickly through your UIU!

  3. omg I love the cupcake! Did you make it felt queen?

  4. lol Chez I totally did! I still need to take better pics of it but blah I'm super lazy!!