Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Rusty Pickle Challenge...

So looking around yesterday and found a Rusty Pickle Challenge!! Yay!! I loved it! I went home..unloaded groceries and set to work on it. Yeah ok, so I didn't feed my family until 8:30 because of look at the fab LO I got from it!

In other weekend was Davids Bday...and I took a few shots there....
Savanna hammin it up for me...

Isn't she his little Mini-Me?!

David blowing out the we don't typically have that small a was sick and my Mom didn't want him blowing out the candles on the Ice Cream cake.

And then Michelle ate the cake! (Wil and Rachel helped too but Michelle was the first brave


  1. Great pictures and lo! Use the flash Kelly! ;)

  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! On winning for that pirate LO, well deserved!