Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Updates Updates..

I'm an addict..I admit it! I have over 4000 texts last month...and my poor baby phone died goes to that screen...and then it's stuck!! So...I called my boo and she said call the 800 # so blah blah I did from Dannys phone...2 hours later...they are sending me a new phone. Suddenly life is hardly worth did I ever live without a cell phone?! No wonder it was SUCH a big deal for William to have a phone, right? IDK...

Anyway, on to bigger and better....great news I won the most recent challenge over at scrapdragons! Woooohooooooo Yay for me!! They are super talented and provide loads of inspiration, the real prize is ideas for my lo's but hey I'll take free scrappy stuff

Christmas....Christmas was fantastic...lots of good food and good fun! Here's some hi-lights...

Karys Checking out the lights

Danny Helping me hang the

Kids not posing for the Christmas Picture
Love it!!


  1. OMG the mistle toe, too funny!!!

    And DAYUM 4000 I hate my phone half the time i leave it on vibrate so I don't have to pick it up cause I can't hear it LOL

  2. I love that picture of Danny. Yay for your blog posts. They are always so fun!