Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Easter

Please note...the two bunnies on top...kissing...my fav!

So our Easter was....nice-ish. I was in a pretty much foul mood, I'm tired..I'm grouchy..I'm over it.

Will woke us up bright and early and found his Basket and gifts right away. We then colored some Easter Eggs...Made some cupcakes...made some corn casserole...did some laundry..cleaned some house. Oh yeah, entertaining.
At 12 we headed out to my Brothers house to spend time with the family. I spent a great portion of the day playing Webkins with this sweet girl .

and her brand new puppy..

Buddercup. Oddly enough, the site does not allow for any type of profanity and while Buttercup does contain the word Butt I think it's just plain ridiculous. They also wouldn't accept her name Michelle because it has the word hell in it. Crazy right?
Anyways, she totally lifted my mood...buying clothes and dressing a virtual dog in a fidora, mary janes, and a bikini. How can you go wrong?

There was plenty of trampoline action..
Wil and Rachel playing "Break the Egg"
Savanna Chillin
How much do I love this sweet little face!!! Not to mention she looks so much like I did at that age!

And last but not least...an egg hunt.
256 eggs hid....254 eggs found. Who knows where the other 2 went!

My cousin Jamie also introduced us to chacha. You can text ChaCha (242242) from your cell phone and literally ask it any question you can think of. Yeah, it's crazy! So we've been asking it hella crazy questions thinking it's a computer such as when you Text Google (466453) for info but come to find out..it gets routed to an actual person who types you a response. Hysterical right?

Yeah, I asked then how old they think I am based on my previous questions. They guessed....17-19 rofl.

Have fun and do the Cha Cha!

Is that it? Oh we went to the batting cages last week....Will hit a sweet double to tie the game Saturday night...and caught a monster fly ball!
I just hid the remainder of the 30 eggs for the Scrapgal Easter Egg hunt...There's still time to check it out!! You could win a Gift Card dude, get on it!

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