Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Page Maps

So, if you have not already checked out the April Newsletter for Page Maps do so...Immediately!!

What you will see is yours truly spotlighted for the following LO!

Woot Woot!!

Things have been insanely crazy. Upset on the Little League front has caused me much much stress in the Month of March! It's no wonder I didn't blog at all lol

I'm looking forward to April. Kristi is comin down for Easter..yay!!! Will be super fun to have her and share my family traditions with her. Let's see how much she loves Wil running around the house looking for what the Easter Bunnys hidden him!

Little Leagues 70th birthday is this month and we are Celebrating on April 25th with a small carnival at the fields. Should be fun fun!!

I think that's about it. I'm looking forward to a better April than March!


  1. congrats! always the busy scrapper you are i miss it. Maybe i will dedicate one day to actually scrapbooking. even though i have no new supplies evrything will be kickin it old skool

  2. Very cool! Love your flower embellishing. Fun photos.

  3. Sorry you month of March sucked @$$. I hope this month and all the rest of them are awesome!!

    I LOVE your layout featured on pagemaps. I think I am actually gonna scraplift it for the scrapbook job I am working on. I LOVE the flower and the shadow pic.

    Way to go!

  4. ok, love this pagemaps website! great LO!

    i second cathy's comment of dedicating a day to scrap. i need to. so thanks for the inspo.