Monday, May 25, 2009


Started the weekend off Friday night...Sandy & Kristi made it in for Wil's game. We teased Wil about Sandy being his girlfriend. Then when Kristi showed up the boys were like Wil is that your other girlfriend? lol

Awesome game, the boys pulled it out! Now we have to win Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I'm not expecting us to, but it would be really really nice!! Drama as per the usual, I got called a bitch by some jerk from the other team. And I didn't even do anything lol

Saturday we headed out on our exploration. Kristi had mapped us out a wicked awesome fun trip. First stop...A guys front yard that he has decorated with bottle trees. It was interesting, and we took a 10 mile long dirt road that led us to the middle of nowhere, where we were sure we were going to be raped and murdered.

Next up was the first ever Del Taco. They didn't accept ATM and the woman got super grouchy at our special orders, especially Sandys lol

Then we went over a bridge to the Route 66 Museum and train station for some freindsy photoshoots.

By the end of the day we were beat! It was fantastically fun!

Sunday the girls left by 12 and I stayed home scrapping for the afternoon. It was super relaxing and very rejuvinating! This morning I've scrapped, scheduled 4 blog posts, ordered photos and now blogging while my boys are out picking up some lunch.

Here's to a good week!!


  1. I get called a bitch by some of the parents on OUR team...good times...gotta love competitive sports.

  2. Looks like an incredible time! Love the pictures. I cant wait to see more of the glass bottle trees! I'm mailing oyu two phones, those should be in the mail some time this week. <3

  3. Bestest time I've had all year long yo! I heart my whores.

  4. i'm jealous...
    don't think i'm ever gonna meet my whores!

  5. those bottle trees are so cool!

  6. Gave you an "award" on my blog, go check it out!