Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Finally...new LO's

Ok so these have been done for awhile...I've been busy, lazy, and it's been raining!

Def not my fav lo's of all time but yanno sometimes you just have to work through the funk...and that's what I'm doing.

One was from the scrapping the music challenge "You're gonna miss this" which naturally I'm posting late for! The others were just cause...

Oddly enough I just realized...2 are Pool Lo's...and the altered canvases are beach scenes. I'm feeling summer and i didn't even know it!


  1. Totally feeling summer. Yum yum yum! I really like the colors on the July 08 lo. The glitter and title on the second are lovely too. And I love the canvas with everyones names. Great work!

  2. yano for you not liking them.....which is usally ALWAYS! I like them, they are not your norm....and I like it!

  3. awesome stuff. glad to see an updated blog. i almost forgot to come look cause you are as bad a blogger as me.

  4. and why am I not listed on your blog?!? what a whore