Sunday, July 27, 2008

Oh thank heaven for Scrappin Sunday

This first LO is for the Sketchabilities blog. If you're looking for different sketches try them out for sure!

We had a rough year last year, in 5th Grade. Wil struggled with the school work, his teacher was piss poor to say the least, and well...let's just say it left a lot to be desired. Something that we enjoyed however was the Walk Through California's Presentation of the American Revolution. Wil drew the part of Patrick Henry and we had a great time rehersing lines, putting a costume together, and going over dramatic affect.

This next one is for the Scrapstars Summertime Challenge, While I thought hmm I could just use my Summer turns me upside down LO...I figured no no that would be cheating lol So without Further Ado...The LO

Will I get another LO done today?! IDK but I'm off to try!


  1. cute LOs Kell!!!

    love your summer one - thanks for participating :)

    glad you did something original, i would rather see originals than ones you already did... kinda takes the fun out of it being a challenge huh?

  2. oooh super cute! love the #8 playing card and the "mr tickle" thing! oh, and thanks for letting me in the swap! yay! :)