Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July

It was a hot but fun one for us!!

Danny had a surprise in store for all the kids who came over...a giant inflatable Water Slide!!

Wil overheard us talking about something big and water so Danny told him we were getting an elephant for the 4th. He got so excited over it asking questions and imagining himself riding atop this giant beast. It was quite hysterical!

Despite having almost 30 PPL over for the 4th I was able to get a LO done!! Yay me! I used the Sketch over at Gettin Sketchy as inspiration and got this done in no time!

I just love his random little self.

And because you know I have to support a whore, I've done the newest Challenge over at

It was to scrap something you haven't seen done before. Well, if someone else scrapped their random coffee creamer pyramid pic then I'm behind lol

I took this shot along with at least 100 others at breakfast some Sunday Morning this year. We like to have fun and be silly as much as we can!


  1. Oh how much fubn! I want to see more photos of that water slide! How big is that thing and where did you get it? Looks like fun! Is it big enough for adults to go on? I'm guessing not. Lovely los. You've been a scrapping fiend! So jealous. Love em! And I need to do the Say It In Scrap challenge too. You gave me an idea of something to scrap.