Thursday, August 11, 2011

OBACCC Attempt #2

I got a text at 6ish. It was from my main taster and said "Vodka and Chocolate chip cookies sound awesome for dinner"

2 hours later, she showed up with El Pollo Loco and I provided the Cookies and Vodka.

This go round I tried this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker

Here's how mine turned out (Wil promptly broke this fabulous plate about an hour later, ugh)

What I loved about these cookies....
-You melt the butter, No waiting for it to soften..which for cookies that you need quick is essential.
-They were exactly what they promised thick and chewy
-The color was good, they looked like a traditional CCC
-They tasted great out of the oven
-They were soft and yummy the first night and really hit the spot
-I used two kinds of chocolate chips, hersheys special dark and nestle semi sweet. The combo was divine. You could legitimately taste both flavors in each bite.

What I didn't love about these cookies....
-I didn't "get" the twist them apart and stack them. I did it for half and the only difference was that some of the twisted ones looked like siamese twins after they were done baking.
-They got much harder overnight

What I'm looking for in the next cookie...
-Oatmeal, I need it.
-Nuts, I also need those. lol
-A little longevity. They should stay soft and yummy for more than a few hours, right?

All in all a decent cookie....Looking for the next now!!

Happy Cookie Eating!!

P.S. I've been semi putting together and organizing my scrapbook room, maybe one of these days you'll get to see a layout from me again!


  1. Okay, that's it, when am I coming down???

  2. You got me on the last post Kelly but these ones look even better. Good luck, longevity is something I've never found but would love to.