Monday, August 29, 2011

OBACCC Attempt #3

Ok, this is fun. Seriously, fun! Last night I was browsing through my pin interest and one of my friends had pinned These cookies from Dana @ My Little Celebration.

Go check out her pictures because they are awesome. So awesome in fact that I decided I wasn't even going to take any photos last night lol Mine came out exactly like hers.

So here's the run down. This was a quick and easy recipe. No complicated grating of a whole chocolate bar or grinding oats. Straightforward is oh so nice.

No nuts, but I did use peanut butter.

Straight out of the oven these were good. A bit oaty, and heavy for me though. Although I did somehow manage two before bed, hehe.

This morning, I'm so happy to see these held up overnight. They are still soft and yummy. The peanut butter taste has come out a bit more as well as the cinammon.

I like them, but Cookie #2 blows this one out of the water.

Only made 18 cookies, and they are going FAST! If I make it again I'll definitley double the recipe so that I can share more.

Next cookie is going to have less oats, and hopefully nuts. I still miss them.

There is no method to my madness, obviously.


  1. Yum! I want to eat those! I love Oatmeal...and cookies. Mostly I love cookies.

  2. jeez...three of my favorites rolled into one...awesome

  3. These look great! If happen across one with no nuts or PB, I'm game to do a test for you. lol