Monday, August 1, 2011

Operation Bad Ass Chocolate Chip Cookie Attempt #1

Those of you who are my "friends" on Facebook know that recently I issued myself a challenge to find the absolute BEST chocolate chip cookie recipe. Sure sounds simple, right? Ha! I've found that everyone has their own specific thought on what it should be. Some people like a crunchy cookie, some a soft. Some like nuts, others no nuts. My father asks for his burnt, seriously.

For me, I think the perfect cookie is going to be thick.
Soft inside with a nice crunch outside.
I want to be able to taste the butter, but not be overwhelmed by it.
I love nuts but one of my testers doesn't eat nuts in their cookies so I'm making them both ways.

So, for the first test I thought I would try a Cookie that I've had my eye on for awhile. Ever since the emails started years ago the Neiman-Marcus $250 Cookie Recipe has been begging me to make them.

I tackled these last night. I halved the recipe, I don't need 80 cookies lying around the house! I also added 1 tsp of Cinnamon, because I can and while tigers hate cinnamon, I love it. Here's a few things I found...this dough is no joke! It was thick and dark. As I rolled them into balls as the recipe calls for they strongly resembled meatballs on my cookie sheets. I'm not going to lie, I may have gagged a little at the thought. Raw cookie dough isn't in my food pyramid so I refrained from trying the concoction until baked.

As noted in the recipe by many commenters, they needed extra bake time. I felt I did as well with the first batch taking about 15 minutes (Which was too long, I ended up with crispy cookies) The second batch I took out at 12 minutes and cooled for 2 minutes on the pan before transferring them to a cooling rack.

The no nuts batch was too crunchy for me..and too thin. It seemed like the walnuts made the cookie more moist and thicker. I'll give you the full review when that tester does her job!

For the Nut version of this recipe. The cookies are good. They have a nice buttery flavor. Too much Oatmeal for my taste, while I think my perfect cookie will have oatmeal I'm going to try one next with no oatmeal just for good measure. I used walnuts in this batch because well, I had them on hand. I'd like to redo this recipe at a later date with less oatmeal and pecans.

Danny wasn't much help however he did declare that these were "probably the best chocolate chip cookies you've ever made" The guys at work also like them, but no specific comments. I need new testers.

Until next time, have a great week!

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