Monday, March 17, 2008

100 Random Things...

Thank Chez....she demanded it...

In no particular order...100 things about me..

1. I'm allergic to everything....even antibacterial.

2. I call the fries at the bottom of the bag...bagglers.

3. I refuse to eat bagglers...they are the rejects and probably been touched..gross

4. There was a time when I wanted to be a psychologist, and then I realized I'm not nice...and I can't be diplomatic with people.

5. When I was about 13 my parents realized I couldn't see. I immediately got contact lenses. It wasn't until I was about 19 and I scratched my retina that I got a pair of glasses.

6. I encouraged my bff to bone her worst lay ever a 2nd time...solely for the scrapbook page.

7. Everytime I go to the truck alone at night I'm afraid there will be a bad guy under there waiting to cut my achellis tendons...and then he will take off and steal my stuff...leaving me lying on the ground...bleeding and unable to get up.

8. If I scream...Wil comes running yelling..."I got it Mommy!" (Because I've likley just seen a spider or a bug)

9. I don't like coffee...only Starbucks.

10. I love the dentist...LOVE...I used to beg to get shots...I may be a sadist.

11. In a way, I'm afraid to have another child. People tell me I'll love it more than I love Wil.

12. When people preach at me I want to tell them that God is like Santa for Adults..

13. I, along with most of America am not ready for a Black president..(I'm just willing to admit it)

14. I completely love reality TV...American Idol so does it for me...I'm glued to the TV like a Whore on Crack.

15. I've never done an illegal drug....ever.

16. There are certain things that are unforgivable....once you do them you are Dead to me

17. My environmentally friendly Kitchen Lights flicker when you turn them on...and it makes me want to I ask Wil to turn them on for me...or I shut my eyes.

18. I love that my truck tells me how much gasoline I've used...then when the hybrid pushing...freaks...pressure me about how "green" their cars are I can tell them I've used over 2000 gallons of gasoline.

19. Trash diggers disgust me.....that was my biggest pet peeve living in Apt life...the community dumpster that scum bags would be digging through the trash looking for bottles and cans.

20. My in laws don't like me....and my husband finally realized they are just pushing him away with their hatred for me.

21. I actually wore slippers to work feet were really

22. I have security cameras on everything at work...all day long I people watch and know exactly what everyone around me is doing...I love it.

23. I played basketball for 10 years...I loved being part of a team and being good at something...I hope my son continues playing baseball and feels the way I do.

24. 6 of those 10 years I was #22. The other 4 #13.

25. I work in an all male industry...all my coworkers...sales people...everyone I deal a man. I'm not intimidated by it at all.

26. When my husband puts on cologne in the morning it makes me gag.

27. My Dad swallows a spoonful of Vicks Vapo Rub when he has a sore throat...I think he's crazy.

28. I like to say, Super, Fantastic, bizarre, wicked, awesome and I want to bring back Moded....ooooh you are soooo mode-ed.

29. When I tell people I'm 29 and they ask me how many severly pisses me off...Do I look THAT old?

30. Even though it's just a number...I fear that big 3-0 just a little bit...such a milestone.

31. Marriage is harder than I imagined it would be...Parenting is even harder. No matter what you do you question yourself...did I do the right thing. Am I screwin him up?

32. I don't understand why even with caller id people answer the phone and act surprised that it's you. Sometimes I answer business calls with the name of the business that's calling, just to throw them off. I usually get a good laugh (from myself and the other party)

33. I say scrapbooking is my hobby, but it's a much bigger part of my life, as are the girls I've met doing it.

34. Most of the time...I'm not that friend.

35. There's a flaw in my diamond, and now that I know it's there it's all I can see when I look at my ring.

36. My ex was an asshole...but the one thing I can remember that I loved was how protective he was. He wouldn't let me get gas in the dark or run around at night. In retrospect, it probably had to do with his control issues....yet somehow I still miss that. Danny knows I can take care of myself and doesn't worry.

37. I hate lettuce...the taste makes me gag...yes it has a taste.

38. While we are on the topic of foods...if I eat something I don't like I will throw up...immediately, I wish I could help it.

39. The following smells make me throw up....Mayo...Tuna...floral scented bug spray...ummm nothing else that comes to mind immediately.

40. When I buy a new shirt...I throw one away. I never buy more hangers because I don't need them.

41. I wash my hands when I get out of the

42. I talk to myself constantly...and pretend balloons are people too.

43. While I rarely listen to it...I love country music...

44. I wish I was "artsy" but I'm just's ok I'll live!

45. I hate Jack in the's pretty disgusting.

46. I love Yankee other candle will do.

47. I hate to admit it..but my Mom was almost always right.

48. Have you ever hated someone for so long that you couldn't remember the full extent of why you hate them? I have...

49. I once sent a giant Leopard couch shoe COD to my friends boss....we still laugh about it.

50. Even though I don't believe...I actually quite enjoy attendance at Christan Churches, everyone is so happy to be there.

51. I haven't done laundry in so long, I'm wearing my last pair of clean socks. Luckily Wil has more socks than I do...and we almost wear the same size shoe.

52. IF I were to get divorced I would fight for Wil, I'd lose but I couldn't imagine life without him. I'd also likely never commit again.

53. My JV basketball coach hardly played me...because I wasn't sexually involved with him. It was BS and I should have done more about it. 2 years later he got my younger neighbor/friend pregnant.

54. I almost feel like its time to further my education.....almost

55. Ultrasounds freak me look like little aliens...gross

56. When I go to hotels...I bring my own towels.

57. I've woken up from a bad dream...and was mad at Danny for something he did in the dream. I can't help

58. I talk in my sleep...and say the most random strange things....Choosy Moms Choose Jiff

59. Even though I know better...I think the coke with the Santa on the can tastes better than the regular coke cans.

60. Aquafina tasted better before they switched the bottles.

61. I'm a tivo whore...Live TV pisses me off

62. I almost always want to do what you tell me I can't....just because I can...

63. I never bet...unless it's a sure

64. If I try...I almost always win...I'm super competitive.

65. I love the power of suggestion.

66. My last Grandfather passed away when I was 3....After seeing my Father with his grandkids...I've considered myself deprived for not having one.

67. I couldn't live in the big city...everything is just too fast.

68. I would much rather be cold than hot.



  1. wow are a flippin wierdo. LOL and I think that's why I heart you so! One thing....we must bring back the moded, I spit water all over my screen when I read that. You've reminded me I need to do my list. Can't wait to see the rest of yours!

  2. you are a freak...but that's why I like you.
    I'll make sure I bring you a nice tuna sandwich next time I see you...and maybe some fish tacos.