Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our failed attempt at family photos

Picture this...we are all dressed up from Davids Graduation.. driving along the coast. Ooooh Ooooh lets go down to the beach and take family pics for our christmas card or whatever.. Brilliant!!

Or so I thought...lol

Wil's glasses were dark because we were outside...so we had him take them off...what we got was a 10 year old screaming like a 2 year old. "I can't see....I can't see...I can't see" What he was trying to see I still don't know. It's not as if he was taking the picture..lol


  1. Yay for puff paint! Love the way you used the journal tag for the title. Super cute! :)

  2. Love the layout, great use of colors.

  3. I just think this is super cute. I don't know why I can hear him screaming I can't see, I can't see.

  4. What a great lo! Love the colors and the title. Cute pictures too!